About Us

We are based out of Palm Beach Gardens and service from Jacksonville to Key West and from Gainesville to Naples on the West Coast.

A-Excellent Service Inc. covers from Tampa Florida South and across the State to the east coast at State Road Hwy 60 all the way to Key West. A-Excellent Service of Central Florida Inc. Covers North of State Road 60 to Jacksonville Florida.

A-Excellent Service, Inc is a State of Florida Certified Air conditioning contractor.
We carry all the necessary insurance and workmen’s comp.

We offer a wide range of HVAC-R services from the small residential customer or group to the large national accounts customer. We service and install all makes and types of air conditioning.

We give a personal service touch to each and every customer no matter how large or small.

Dedicated customer service is always priority one with us.

Our service and install techs are not only knowledgeable and friendly they also are kept up to date with the latest changes and newest equipment our industry has to offer. Each of our service techs must pass a back ground test prior to becoming a dedicated employee.

Are you a commercial national accounts customer that requires dedication and loyalty, priority service to many locations, weekend emergency service, routine preventative maintenance, equipment change outs? Then we are the one to call.

Do you require batch billing, Data Base up dates, time in and time out requirements or just want the job completed correctly the first time? Then we are the one to call.

At the end of a hard day at work you go home and your air conditioning is out. We service and install residential units every day as well. Give us a call.